среда, 22 мая 2013 г.

From Artillery Shells to Nano-diamonds: Kopeysk Plastics Plant to Showcase Its Achievements at RAE2013

Kopeysk Plastics Plant, one of the key suppliers of artillery ordnance and rockets for Russia's Armed Forces, will present its product lineup at Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition.

This year, the factory is bringing to Nizhniy Tagil the entire range of its aircraft ordnance that has already proved itself during military exercises, including S-8BM concrete-penetrating rockets, S-8DF rockets with a fuel-air explosive warhead designed to destroy personnel in trenches and bunkers, and S-8KOM rockets that work against modern tanks and combat vehicles.

Besides aviation munitions, the Kopeysk Plastics Plant will present mock-ups of the latest HE munitions for various types of artillery, including tank guns, howitzers, and field guns.

The Kopeysk Plastics Plant is peculiar in that its highly successful product lineup consists of military and civilian items in equal measure. Therefore, a major part of its exposition will be   devoted to civilian products, some of them for the mining industry. The factory was the first in Chelyabinsk District to begin mass production of diamond blend extracted during munitions disposal.

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