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RAE 2013 Marches Forward

An aggressive marketing campaign is now in full swing for Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition. The campaign is part of an effort to rebrand the Exhibition taken by its General Coordinator Uralvgonzavod JSC.

For example, an outdoor campaign encompassing Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Nizhniy Tagil, uses tens of different advertising formats, both standard-sized and oversized, and plasma displays. Outdoor advertising is complemented by banners on websites and in social media, as well as advertising inserts in various federal and regional print editions, including some industry-specific titles.

From June 1, 2013, the visuals of the campaign will change: dark "winter-time" banners, dominated by the new RAE 2013 logo, will be replaced by lighter-colored "summer-time" banners featuring a stylized image of T-90SM tank.

The new styling of advertisements is part of an ambitious wide-scale rebranding campaign that Russia Arms EXPO 2013 is implementing now. RAE's new logo and brand identity was developed by Alexey Maslov Lab, known for its work on the style of Russia Today TV channel and Snob magazine. The rebranding campaign is supposed to end up in a unified styling for all materials related to the Exhibition, from entrance tickets to the entire exhibition infrastructure. Says Alexei Zharich, Chief Communications Officer, Uralvagonzavod: "The exposition at RAE 2013 will be presented in an entirely different, modern style; the new concept fully reflects the latest trends both in exhibition industry and in the armaments market, which will secure RAE 2013 a distinguished place among the world's top armament exhibitions".

The new identity also applies to the official RAE 2013 website and its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Russia Arms EXPO 2013 is taking place at the Nizhniy Tagil State Demonstration and Exhibition Center of Armaments and Military Equipment of the Nizhniy Tagil Metal Testing Institute (NTIIM). Over a period of four days, participants and visitors of the Exhibition will see the latest and greatest achievements of Russia's defense industry along with the most advanced examples of international military equipment, as 400 exhibitors from 50 countries of the world will demonstrate unique characteristics of their products. In general, RAE 2013 will outline a full picture of the priorities, achievements, and future potential of not only Russia's, but the world's defense industry.

Official RAE 2013 website:  http://rae2013.ru/en/expo/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Russia-Arms-Expo/566954709990655
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RussiaArmsExpoR

Note to Mass Media.

Accreditation to the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition is open from April 01 through September 01, 2013. Applicants must fill the online accreditation application form available at www.rae2013.ru.

Important: duly accredited are journalists who have received personal accreditation confirmation from the Exhibition Press Center. Personal confirmations will be sent after the end of the application period, from September 02 through September 11, 2013. The confirmation letter is sent to the applicant at the email address stated in the online accreditation application form. On all accreditation-related issues, please write at media@rae2013.ru, or contact Alexander Pisarevskiy (+7(910)429 60 30) (Russian media) or Sergey Kuznetsov (+7(916)808 45 60) (international media).

For information on accreditation and media partnership please contact:
Alexander Pisarevskiy, tel. + 7 (910) 429 60 30 (Russian media)
Sergey Kuznetsov, tel. + 7 (916) 808 45 60 (international media)
E-mail: media@rae2013.ru

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