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Everything in Sight

The latest technologies in optomechanics and optronics at Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition, will come courtesy of OPTSYS, a French company occupying leading positions in surveillance systems, including those fitted to armored vehicles and tanks.
The company will exhibit products such as ViPer tactical surveillance system, an optical kit with the ViDOK display, and a muzzle-mounted sight that increases accuracy up to 0.1 mm in flat-trajectory weapon systems.

The 360-degree ViPer situational awareness system is designed to provide perimeter surveillance from armored vehicles. Its important feature is its capability to work in almost all conditions and environments: negative factors such as icing or lens fogging are not a problem for ViPer. ViPer features an intelligent video stream management system and a highly reliable intuitive modular man-machine interface. Other advantages of this OPTSYS product include compatibility with various vehicles and any types of video cameras (infrared, day, and night vision cameras), and the ability to record over 72 hours of video from 8 different cameras in real-time mode.
The ViDOK optical kit, based on a video periscope, is a compact and energy-efficient system for controlling the perimeter around various combat vehicles (BMP, M113, T72, and others) both while stationary and on the move. Its advanced optics eliminate eye fatigue, and the module can be customized for every customer's individual needs.
More details on OPTSYS product line will be available from Marketing and Development Director Sylvain FERNANDEZ, who will be attending RAE-2013.
A subsidiary of Nexter, a French group dealing in the design and manufacturing of mechanic and hydraulic systems, OPTSYS specializes in optics and video systems for armored vehicles. OPTSYS products are fitted to VBCI and LECLERC armored vehicles fielded by the French Army. For over 40 years, OPTSYS has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing onboard optics and optical-electronic land-based response systems for the military.

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