четверг, 25 июля 2013 г.

Have a Safe Seat Please!

At Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition, Nexter Mechanics, a subsidiary of France's Nexter Group, will present its latest developments in mechanics and hydraulics.
Nexter Mechanics is bringing to RAE 2013 samples from its key product ranges: tire pressure control systems for military and special vehicles and the Safepro seat for armored vehicles, which helps protect the occupants.

The CTIS tire pressure control system is designed to work on various types of wheeled vechilces – 4х4, 6х6, 8х8, and 10х10 – on all terrains. Taking into account specific customer neds, Nexter Mechanics offers manual and automatic central tire inflation systems specifically designed for various vehicle types
The Safepro seat offers up to 95% protection against landmine or IED explosions, shrapnel protection from the back side, and compatibility with different armored vehicles. The seat has a retractable back that allows it to transform into a sleeping place.
Guests of RAE 2013 will have a chance to see Nexter Mechanics products at the joint stand of the French defense and machine-building enterprise cluster and Ural-Atlantique LLC. Catherine BARRE, Nexter Mechanics Exports Director, plans to attend the exhibition.
Nexter Mechanics is part of the Nexter Group specializing in mechanics and hydraulic systems. Its know-hows cover all project phases, from engineering to development, production, maintainance, and spare parts supplies. 

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