вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

On Land and At Sea

At Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition, Russia's Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (NIMI) will present its lineup of munitions for tank, antitank, field, and naval artillery.

The oldest manufacturers of this type of munitions in Russia, NIMI will showcase on its stands full-scale mock-ups of 3VBM17, 3VBK16, 3OF36 rounds for 125mm tank guns with armor-piercing, high-explosive, and HEAT projectiles. Also on show will be full-scale mock-ups of 152mm HE shells for 2A65 Msta-B and 2S19 Msta-S howitzers.

For naval artillery, NIMI is bringing 76mm, 100mm, and 130mm rounds in various versions (HE, anti-aircraft, and radio-fused projectiles), capable of destroying ground and naval targets. A full-scale mock-up of a 100mm shell for BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle will surely enjoy special interest of visitors.

The history of NIMI dates back to 1932. The Institute's developments played an extremely important role during World War II; for example, it was NIMI that developed the technologies required for mass production of rockets for the famous
Katyusha multiple rocket launchers.

The Institute has been exporting its products since as early as 1937. Most Soviet- and Russian-made ammunitions in the world have been developed in NIMI. Today, NIMI's specialists are working on new generations of conventional and guided projectiles as well as a number of civilian products including oil transportation equipment.

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