пятница, 12 июля 2013 г.

Fire in the Hole!

At Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition, NPO Pribor JSC will present a wide exhibition of its products. Among others, NPO Pribor, Russia's leader in the development and manufacturing of small-caliber ammunition for automatic cannon systems, is bringing the 40-mm automatic grenade launcher complex Balkan.

 A distinguishing feature of the system is the ammunition it uses. Its special ‘caseless’ round allows using nearly twice as much explosives in one 40-mm round, which greatly increases fragmentation and helps reduce weight of the gun while increasing its firepower. The mounted grenade launcher weighs just 32 kg and provides a firing rate of up to 400 rounds/minute with a range of up to 2.5 kilometers. Each belt for the Balkan contains 20 grenades, with 2 belts in each belt drum, which makes it a formidable weapon. The grenade launcher is mounted on a tripod with the operator’s seat attached to the rear and comes standard with an optical sight.
One of the latest developments also to be presented by NPO Pribor at RAE 2013 are 30-mm automatic cannon rounds with plastic driving bands. Projectiles with plastic driving bands increase barrel service life up to three time and ensure more efficient use of ammunition.
Founded in 1941, NPO Pribor is now Russia's leading  developer and manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition for automatic cannons, as well as rounds for automatic tripod-mounted, handheld, and attached grenade launchers for all branches of Russian Armed Forces. NPO Pribor is part of the Rostec State Corporation.

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