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Safety First!

According to the Paris Chemical Weapons Convention, destruction and utilization of chemical and explosive ammunition is the duty of every state. However, the only way to do that efficiently and safely is through using state-of-the-art technologies. Сaretta Tecnology s.r.l.will present its latest developments in this sphere at Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment, and Ammunition. With over 15 years of experience of manufacturing machines for utilization of artillery shells, mines, bombs, and their components, the company is considered one of industry leaders in Italy.

Technologies used by Сaretta not only reduce costs by recycling of over 90% of all components and constituents of items being utilized, including explosives and fuels, but also minimize emissions of poisonous substances and gases into the environment.
Expert chemists at Caretta Technology s.r.l. work with all types of ordnance, including poison gas bombs, torpedoes, rockets, cluster bombs, and anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines. The company has successfully developed and supplied to Italy's Ministry of Defense five water jet cutters to scrap munitions (mines, shells, bombs, and torpedoes). In general, various machines from Сaretta work in 20 countries of the world, including Russia.
However, Caretta's activities are not limited to designing, developing, and building water jet cutting machines and robotized systems for utilizing and repacking cluster munitions into authorized containers.
Over years, the company has accumulated priceless experience in complex design and planning of military production facilities. From logistics to the recycling of energy and scrap metal, Сaretta Tecnology s.r.l. can provide turnkey solutions for whole utilization complexes for mines, shells, bombs, and torpedoes.
Speaking of high technologies developed by Сaretta Tecnology s.r.l., it is impossible to overlook its developments in the sphere of cryogenic utilization, which the company uses mostly for scrapping underwater munitions and small-caliber ordnance.
Сaretta Tecnology s.r.l. is one the world's leading manufacturers of complex high-pressure water and plasma jet cutting equipment. Сaretta Tecnology s.r.l. designs and manufactures in-house unique equipment with various cutting head types, hybrid machines, and machines with multiple gantries and modular designs

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